LTEC 5200 Week 2: Choosing the Right Web Design Program for You.

Comparing online web design interfaces and features, what to look for when building your own site

By: Andrew McGuffee

Building your own website or blog has never been more attainable than it is today. There are a number of different programs competing for the right to host and help you along your journey of creating online content.  Everything from hosting small businesses to eye-catching travel blogs, there is a program that boasts to be the best at it.  So when I went looking to find which web design program I would use, I had to consider what I was trying to convey to my audience.

download is becoming a very popular web design resource and offers free and useful templets for any amateur web designer concerned with eye-catching appeal.  The format of their site seems to focus a lot on visual esthetics and allows the user a ton of options for personalizing and filtering digital images and photographs.  Anyone that has used instagram before will feel right at home with Wix’s format and layout.  This site is best used for visual content intended to stimulate the audience, such as fashion, travel or food blogging. has claimed to be the No. 1 content management system (CMS) in use online since 2015.  They claim to power somewhere around 25 percent of all sites across the web.  Their approach to building a site seems to focus on the textual and hypertext attributes of web design.  This is perfect for people who are starting a business or students such as myself trying to promote a portfolio of projects, research, and essays. This site is very user-friendly and allows even beginners to hone their web design skills with ease and simplicity.

download should also be mentioned in this conversation as it has a lot a very useful attributes needed for a high-function design. Google’s web design program seems to focus primary on content sharing and is great for forums.  This is perfect for designers who are concerned with group management,  projects, or are expecting a lot of feedback from other users.  There are many other applications for Google sites but the strongest attribute I found to be present was its ability to allow for solid communication amongst it’s users.


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