LTEC 5220 Week 5: Designing Instruction From a Multimedia Perspective

Multimedia is something that is becoming more and more integrated into the delivery of instruction across almost every industry.  I believe that it has become a detrimental skill for the modern day educator to learn how best to insert different forms of media in order to enhance the learning experience.  From gamification to virtual classrooms, there is an undeniable shift towards the use and implementation of various forms of media.  There are always issues when transitioning to a new format but overall I think the use of digital media, hyperlinks, video, and audio content will improve learning.  Visual-text instruction allows the student to learn in different ways which ultimately develops and promotes cognitive growth.  Using several forms of media is great but at the same time may overwhelm the student.  When designing content you have to really make sure that you’re not distracting the learner and allow for easy transitions when introducing new forms of media.  A single medium can be appropriate for some subject matter but for advanced topics, I firmly believe multiple forms of media will be the standard in the days to come.


Multimedia in the classroom


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