LTEC 5220 Week 6: Developing Instruction with Text and Images


There are several traditionalists out there that would probably prefer to have instructional delivery stick to a strictly text-based format.  However, I believe that in this day and age we have to adapt with the times.  Most students these days have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or some form of social media account.  These social media platforms stimulate their audiences with both textual and visual content and are boasting great success in doing so.  I am of the mind that the academic industries across the globe are starting to all come to the same conclusion, “we need to start capitalizing on this!”  Now I’m not saying that we need to start teaching Physics 101 on Facebook but I do think the academic community could take a few notes from social media.  When I started developing instruction with both images and text I realized that even I was more interested in the content I had created.  It doesn’t necessarily have to change the way you instruct someone but I think in some cases it will enhance the delivery process. Generally speaking, we are still in the infant stages of the “tech-age” so claiming massive benefits and limitations is a bit premature in my eyes.  If I had to guess though I would wager that this new hybrid delivery of multimedia-based instruction will help far more than it could ever hurt.


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