LTEC 5220 Week 7: Audio Instruction


Modern day instructional design takes advantage of several different methods of delivery.  One of these methods includes the use of audio-only instruction that can be implemented in everything from books-on-tape to language development.  Like everything else I’ve covered in this blog, there are both benefits and drawbacks to each delivery method.  Audio-based instruction is no different, the benefits of this approach are direct and straightforward in their nature to say the least.

Again, I think it’s important to point out that all students are different and learn in different ways, but I personally am a  big fan of “audio-based” instruction.  Maybe that’s because I have such a naturally appealing voice with which to narrate. (very much joking!)  All jokes aside I do think that audio- only instruction does add a “personal touch” to the learning process and that can sometimes be helpful.  So overall I would say the biggest appeal for me when it comes to audio-based content is the personalization attributes that come along with it.

Obviously, there are downfalls as mentioned before but they shouldn’t take away from the benefits that were previously mentioned.  Anytime I use a singular media (1 form of media) in my instructional design I tend to find that it limits what I can teach my intended audience.  With audio-only based instruction I would have a very tough time describing complex scenarios that are up for interpretation.

Audio content is an extremely important piece to the instructional puzzle in my opinion. As someone who is still new to designing, constructing, and publishing web pages I will do my best to diversify my instruction as much as possible.  Whether it’s a digital image, hyperlink to another page, video, or an mp3 I think implementing multimedia enriches any form of instruction!



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