LTEC 5220 Week 8: My Experience Developing Audio Content

My eye-opening experience dealing with developing audio content was one I had dreading for a while.  I had zero to little experience with formatting mp3 files, let alone recording, layering, manipulating, and editing my own recorded audio content.  Like most of Adobe Software, I found myself overwhelmed with layout of Adobe Audition 2017.  After a lot of trial and error I became familiar with the basic functions of Audition and found myself enjoying it immensely.



I found that audio-based instructional content can be a challenge to make and requires a lot of time to do correctly.  Taking a 3-layered audio file, reformatting it to an mp3 and then embedding it into a pdf can’t be much more fun than it sounds.  However, once I became comfortable with the many aspects of developing audio files I started to understand just how much of an impact they can make.  It provides a brand new range of possibilities, enhances the content, and ultimately improves the student’s experience and comprehension.


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