LTEC 5220 Week 9: The Pro’s and Con’s of Multimedia in Teaching and Learning (Adobe CC)

In my personal experience working with Adobe’s Creative Cloud ’17, I found the options of how to design and deliver multimedia content to be overwhelming at times.  There are countless ways to create what you want and just as many ways to implement them.  Every design software program offers the user another way to create content and you could honestly spend several hours a-day for an entire semester and still not be able to cover all Adobe’s Creative Cloud.

imagesI believe that multimedia-based instructions (Specifically Audio-visual) are going to become the norm in many modern curriculums in the years to come and it would be best to prepare accordingly.  Understanding how the duel coding theory maintains that we process information in both verbal and nonverbal ways can help simplify the rationale behind this paradigm shift in instruction.

The drawbacks…  Well, if I have any criticism about all this, its that just like Adobe’s CC, audio-visual + other multimedia content can cause sensory overload.  The main objective of teaching someone something is that your learner grasps the material.  If you have too much of it in your design then it might be counterproductive to your intended outcome.


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