LTEC 5220 Week 11: Video Media

Working with Adobe Premiere has been an eye opening experience for me when it comes to learning how to incorporate video-based media.  Like most of the Adobe software I’ve worked with, there is a pretty high learning curve and it can be easy to be overwhelmed at times.  Once you get the hang of it though Premiere can be very useful and dare I say even a bit fun to work with.  The editing process can take up the majority of your time but it can also be where you turn a plane video in to an eye-catching one.


Overall, the use of video media does seem to benefit my instructional design as a whole.  As a visual learner myself I love video-based instruction and is something I think future generations will continue to gravitate towards as appose to conventional text-based instruction.  This isn’t to say traditional methods are not needed but the combination of video media to instructions will most likely be a trend that will continue to grow.  In my opinion video media is the closest thing to hands-on training a distance learner can get.  The content itself is more time consuming and challenging to create for the instructor but ultimately can make the biggest impact on learners ability to learn.


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